Children Films Should Be Attractive For Adults Too

Born in Sverdlovsk, Russia, Natalia Chernysheva graduated from the Academy of Art and Architecture of the State of Ural in the field of graphics and animation. As an animator, the character designer worked in several animated films.

 In 2012 she made her debut film “Grain of Snow” as a director. From 2012 to 2014, she studied at La Poudrie’re, where she directed two films “Return” in 2013 and “Two Friends” as a thesis in 2014. In October 2014, he stayed in Abbey Fontaura to write a new project script. In 2015, she participated in the “Animation Artist at Tokyo Residence”, and in 2016 she built “Sun”. She directed five animated films and worked as an animator in six films and won many award for her films

She says she was a painter since she remembers. She wanted to do something different in her life and she moved to the US and France to study animation in cinema. Later on she took her first steps to film making. She is attending the 30th ICFF as a jury member. She agreed to an interview with the Press Office of the 30th International Film Festival for Children and Youth.

Can you evaluate the level of the films and the festival generally?

The selection of films did a great job. I believe the organizers did a high-level management at the festival. I watched very good Iranian and German films.

To what level are you familiar with Iranian cinema?

Well, my acquaintance with Iranian cinema started with one film in a festival and then I became curious to discover the Iranian cinema and learn more about.

I want to ask you about technique of the films. In your opinion which one is more important, the story or the technique?

When you have a good story it helps the technique so the technique is based on the story and we fix everything based on that. I myself prefer the story but sometimes may be we have to  pay attention more to the technique.

If you want to generalize it to the Russian cinema, which one weighs out the other?

The story! Because in our country government support the animation cinema that is why they just choose good stories and valuable topics.

Do you believe when you participate in an international festival like ICFF, you are contributing to the animation in Russia?

Interacting with other directors and knowing what is going on in the world of animation helps me and the others to have new ideas. And of course get progressed.

Do you think film about children is more important or for children?

We have to find new and good idea and it should be for all. However, there should not be the way that children cannot see it.

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