italian director

Jiwani Pomply, the Italian director: “a wave of culture is embedded into the world’s culture through Iranian cinema. The wave will be optimistically ongoing for good.”

As IMNA reports, Jiwani Pomply who is invited to the festival for his short films states: existing children film festival at such a high standard level in Iran is Important. 

“Asghar Farhadi, for instance, is a process to be continued with the approach of impacting the whole world”, he continued. 

Trade cinema does exist everywhere around the world, but when it comes to Iranian cinema, you will witness both commercial and cultural cinema running together.

He further explained: the system which lets the two types of cinema work together is sound enough, adding: It is also easy to communicate with cultural Iranian films beyond the borders of Iran.  

Comparing Iranian children festival with those of the rest of the world, the Italian artist declared: festivals cannot be compared due to countries’ distinctive cultures, but what matters is the existence of such a high quality festival for children in Iran.



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