Urban regional justice to be done by planning deputy

“Besides planning the national land justice, Isfahan planning deputy is managing to create urban justice”, Isfahan mayor stated.

IMNA quotes from Mehdi Jamali Nejad, while he was praising the judiciary, at the opening ceremony of district 5 projects: “I begin my words with a sentence from martyr Beheshti who was the architect of justice”, “the sentence goes: One of our society’s downfalls is that we theoretically say many words but never act.”

Isfahan mayor then continued: “Some friends criticize me when I devote extreme amount of time and energy to work, and they advise that the responsibilities should be divided”, “but this was an outstanding feature of Ayatollah Shariati’s characteristics that he always acted to what he said.”

“Judicial and urban justice has always been one of my major concerns”, the mayor expressed, and continued: When I used to work in the provincial government of Isfahan, I started to study the issue of land justice, and now we have fortunately placed it on the agenda of the municipality with great efforts by the development deputy and the administration of urban affairs.

Isfahan mayor quoted from Ayatollah “Shariati”: If we seek for sustainable economy in the country, we have to obey the regional justice all around the country.”

 “Isfahan is especially responsible for the land justice as a central city and a metropolis”, Jamali Nejad confirmed.

Isfahan mayor further pointed to one of the paragraphs of Iran’s Supreme Leader’s notes regarding the immigration management, which reads: If the population policies of a country are to start, they should be proceeded by the immigration management.

Luckily the earlier said matters have been theoretically internalized in the program of Isfahan-2021 with sustainable urban approaches, he added.

He emphasized: The job is obviously in need of annual revision as it does have some shortcomings to be considered seriously.  

Jamali Nejad referred to the program of “Every Week, A Few Openings” as the start of the mentioned approach in order to visit the deprived neighborhoods in the city and closely know about their demands and problems.

He declared: The accountability movement is run each week which is complementing the judicial justice. Presence in the quarters of the city will make us observe the problems closely and resolve them.  

The mayor announced that today different projects in district 8 will be inaugurated such as cultural center, garden, street, and solar energy.

 Jamali Nejad hopefully wished that all the districts in Isfahan will soon enjoy inaugurations of new projects in near future, and as Ayatollah Beheshti had said, “We will never give up under the pressure of difficulties.”   

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