Special programs to start on July 6/ Isfahan

Isfahan's athletic secretariat of Pahlevani & Zurkhaneh Culture stated: Considering the naming of July 6th as the athletic culture’s day, special programs of the athletic culture’s week will be launched on July 6, adopting the approach of promoting athletic culture.

Aziz-o-llah Moshfeghi stated in a talk with IMNA reporter: Pahlevani culture (Pahlevani means Iranian heroic sports) comes from the context of Zourkhaneh (kind of gym to do Pahlevani sports in), which is the source of chivalry.

He, mentioning that today’s generation inherits the Pahlevani traditions from their ancestors, said: The mentioned culture includes meritorious ethical features such as sacrifice, chivalry, and helping the weak which can obviously be seen everywhere in the society.

The secretary of the secretariat, for Isfahan as Iran’s capital of Pahlevani culture, reminds: The custom of Golrizan (an Iranian charity tradition) has been done by the athletic and benefactors’ community for gathering public charity in order to release the prisoners with unintentional crimes in the month of Ramadan (Islamic fasting month).

He continued: The Municipal Sports Organization and The secretariat of Isfahan, has held a professional workshop called Gowd-and-Gozar with the attendance of groups of sportsmen and masters of techniques with the goal of teaching the impacts of athletic ethos in various sports fields. The earlier mentioned workshops have affected and increased the level of athletic ethos.

He, emphasizing that it is highly likely to extract past lessons from Zourkhaneh with promoting the athletic culture, added: There are two solutions for promoting the athletic culture; first asking citizens to join Zourkhanehs and learn the glorious traditions and ethics so that beside their physical health, they can cultivate their souls, and the second bringing the athletic culture and ethos in more practical way from Zourkhaneh to the society by producing related contents, animations and movies.

He further explained: These special programs contain family bus tours to visit Zurkhaneh. Buses’ bodies are covered with symbols, all aimed at knowing this kind of sport along with the culture in person.

Moshfeghi announced the great ceremony of the Pahlevani culture’s day in Noor garden as another considered programs on this special day and invited all the citizens of Isfahan to join the event.

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