More construction licenses issued this year

The deputy of urbanization & architecture of Isfahan municipality stated: Since the beginning of the current year until the day before, 940 construction licenses have been issued for an area of 757 thousand & 214 m2 which is quite an impressive number.

Jamaladin Samsam-Shariat in an interview with media staff said that the urbanization deputyship is among the most delicate sections in the municipality thanks to the close relations with clients and managing detailed projects.

The deputy added that the renovation organization is an active section in the field of organizing old texture of the city which holds various schedules for the mentioned areas. 

“Restoration of the bridges, bazaars, oil-extracting houses, big bazaar of Isfahan, and some quarters such as Dardasht & Joobareh are among the proceedings of the renovation organization”, declared Samsam-Shariat.       

The official also pointed to the renovation project of Imam Ali Square, saying: The project was stepping into cultural promotion and reviving ancient parts of the city.     

He, elsewhere in his talks, pointed to the urban redevelopment document and added: Passing the bill of urban redevelopment is another action done in the direction of restoring worn areas of the city. The document is known as one of the honors of Isfahan municipality.

Electronic urbanization expedites in urban areas

The mayor’s deputy of urbanization & architecture considered the issue of electronic urbanization of high importance which was discussed in the previous press conference and is now speeding in 15-district municipality of Isfahan.  

Samsam-Sahriat then explained that improving the mechanized urbanization system is aimed at outsourcing the municipality’s affairs in order for people to monitor their required plans form home.  

After running such system, construction licenses will be issued by electronic urbanization, Samsam-Shariat confirmed.  

Reviving the core of the city an absolute necessity

Reminding that the central core of the city has turned quite worn, the mayor’s deputy mentioned:  In many cities, the most expensive houses are situated in the ancient quarters of the city, while our city functions vice versa. So the real spiritual value of such places should be returned by granting discount packages to renovate them.  

City’s architecture to match the Islamic Iran’s architecture style

Samsam-Shariat assured: No difference in which historical era we live, the applied architecture of each period must not be in contrary with our culture.

Also the architecture styles should not be duplicated from the western culture, Shariat declared and went on: The Islamic Iranian style of architecture, especially Isfahani style, must be noticeably seen everywhere.

Obviously present buildings vary from the old ones due to the change in construction technologies, they should not be against our nation’s culture though.

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