Imam Khamenei Intl Conference Hall, Islamic-Iranian architecture

After the exploitation of this project, it will be shining like a precious jewelry in Isfahan for the Islamic Iran architecture, experts say.

According to IMNA, one of the parameters affecting the identity of a city is the architecture style beneath that. The mentioned issue is so much delicate that Isfahan municipality has paid great attention to it in order not to harm the city as well as the citizens. The care is crystal obvious in the International Conference Hall of Imam Khamenei.      

The building is considered as the 4th square of Isfahan, and the 2nd important conference hall for great meetings and ceremonies in the city.

The structure is designed in a way that indicates the famous phrase of “Isfahan, Half of the World”, because it is shaped like a hemisphere standing for “half the world”. The internal architecture is derived from the architecture in ancient “Shaikh Lotfollah Mosque” in Imam Sq. representing Isfahan special architecture. 

Deputy of development for Isfahan municipality, Iraj Mozafar, states that the project is sited at the far end of Shahid-Rouholamin Avenue, next to the eastern beltway of Isfahan on a land of 70 hectare.

Iraj Mozaffar adds: The project has progressed for 64 % so far, at a price of 220 billion Toman.        

He pointed out that the view of the building is round-shaped in 6 floors, and the view of the main hall is made of GFRC panels which are applied here for the first time in the country. “This view is constructed with composite materials with high resistance and adequate flexibility which is a combination of cement, sand, and alkali-resistant fiber, all causing to make the whole structure fire-resistant”, he explained.   

He confirms: the structure also includes some subsidiary spaces such as journalist room, press room, commerce room, and 8 rooms for simultaneous translators.

The project manager for the International Conference Hall of Imam Khamenei, Medhi Ahmadifar, announced construction of a parking garage at an area of 31000 m2 with a capacity of 1000 cars.

Besides the main and subsidiary halls, there exist a commercial center of 270 thousand m2 and a 5-star hotel at 12 floors which are both constructed in cooperation with the municipality and private sectors, he continued.   

Ahmadi Mehr emphasizes that designs are tried to be applied by the best updated materials nowadays, so the metal scaffolding for this project was the best structure made in the year 2013 throughout the country.

Establishment of international conference halls are considered among the top priorities of a tourist city, in a way that most of the international events are hosted by the cities with most tourist attractions. Isfahan, however, lack such facilities unfortunately.

The greatness and magnificence of the project under construction cannot be described; and according to what experts say it will be shining like a precious jewelry in Isfahan for the Islamic Iran architecture.  

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