Zayandeh-Rood flows until June 5th/ Isfahan

According to the policies which had been developed earlier, Isfahan’s famous river, Zayandeh-Rood will run until June 5th for the reason of the second autumn cultivation for the farmers in the east of Isfahan.

IMNA reports from Isfahan Regional Water Company confirming: This decision had already been made, because some people thought that the river would be running for a longer period as the spring rainfalls increase.

The Head of Public Relations for Isfahan Regional Water Company stated that the store of water for the river is now 427 billion m3. “There have not still any meetings held in the 5-member committee or in the ministry which would decide on lengthening the time of flowing water in the Zayande-Rood River”, he emphasized.  

The Conservation and Utilization Deputy for Isfahan Regional Water Company addressed IMNA reporter: Since the city welcomed appropriate amount of rainfall esp. in the second Iranian month, Ordibehesht, Zayandeh-Rood received more water load. “The river has now over 400 million m3”, he further declared.    

Ali Basir Pour then pointed that the raining store was around 350 million m3 behind the Zayandeh-Rood dam, but the rainfall in the current year is raised to the extent that there will be no problems in supplying the amount of drinking water.

“Irrigation water, on the other hand, will be consequently delivered to the province of Isfahan at 526 million m3”, he added.

He then reiterated: It is anticipated that the water will be flown in the river again in the November and later.

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