Isfahan's subway built at the highest scientific level

The mayor's grand advisor, noting that Isfahan subway was constructed at the highest scientific level, said: Isfahan subway is at a high level in terms of quality.

According to IMNA, Javad Sherbaaf on live television program of "Inja Isfahan" meaning “Here is Isfahan” stated: History of subway refers to the years before Zowb Ahan factory of Isfahan was constructed, in fact a rail line had been supposed to be built from the airport to the Zowb Ahan factory.

He added: Some companies especially a Japanese one have conducted some researches, but the first steps were taken in the year 1991, and a contract was signed with a French company.

“The lengthy of urban subway lines are about 60 kms and suburban lines are about 150 kms”, announced Sherbaaf.

He further emphasized: The cause of more interconnection of Isfahan lines and neighboring towns is to make Isfahan and five suburbs unify, so that they can communicate more.  

Isfahan mayor as the administrator of intercity lines, stated that following his plans in cooperation with the city council, the first line will be fast accomplished in the current year, line 2 will be finished within five years, and line 3 along with the first line will undergo the development process soon.  

Sherbaaf stating that in the cities of over one million inhabitants, there is the approach of rail transport such as cable cars and subway, declared: There is no possibility of building the new passages in Isfahan but we make new, secure and rapid ways by going into ground depth. Due to it, there will be less pollution and cleaner environment.

He went on with prolonging the process of building the subway in Isfahan and said: The execution of subway line 1 has started since 2001, and this 16-year extension is not justifiable. But performing civil engineering projects in Isfahan requires a lot of care to the cultural heritage, which is very hard.

He then continued: Since the subway passes under the Isfahan old texture, experts must take many time-consuming factors into consideration such as: Scientific study of the subway, the type of soil in Isfahan, electricity, mechanics, and wagons.

“After the subway line reaches the Azadi Square, it will be running from morning to 10 p.m.”, the advisor remarked.

Regarding the construction of subway line 2, he said:  The municipality has received UNESCO's permission to pass the subway from Imam Sq. but because of some concerns, the decision was revised.

Stating that their main priority is to match the subway stations with the bus & and taxi stations, he continued: The deputy head for municipality’s transportation office will take the responsibility after the subway is run.

He also pointed to the designing of the subway stations, saying: The city artists have cooperated in designing and beautifying the subway stations, and the work is on progress.  

Stating that lots of efforts have been made for safety of the subway, he declared: Observations prove that Isfahan subway is enjoying a high level of standard in terms of quality.

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