Isfahan, shining in the heart of Islamic Iran

Isfahan is almost a large city located in the center of Iran. It has a population of around 4000000 people. Isfahan as one of the most significant tourism poles of the country, has various tourism potentials. From people’s points of view, it is known as one of the most visited tourist sites around the world, so it is considered among the top seven cities worldwide in tourism industry, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from Iran and the whole world per year.

A General Introduction to Isfahan
Isfahan’s rich historical architecture background has made it more unique; moreover, the talented and hardworking citizens of this city continue creating special handicrafts and other works of art to make the city look nicer than ever.

Talking about Isfahan’s Weather
You have definitely heard about the famous river called “Zayandeh-Rood”, meaning life-giving, which passes through Isfahan giving the city a much nicer view and to the residents more life! Maybe the river makes a seasonal climate in the city. You will feel hot but not humid summers here and not very cold winters.   
Tourist Attractions of the City   
Isfahan enjoys having numerous tree-lined boulevards, many green spaces along the river, 400 year-old bridges over the river, ancient mosques, palaces and covered bazaars. That’s why Isfahan is known as Nesf-e-Jahan, meaning half of the world!!

Some of More Favorite Tourist sites in Isfahan
What do you know about Naghsh-e-Jahan Square which is known as Imam square? Did you know it is one of the world heritage places recorded in UNESCO? Or it was made about 500 years ago by one of Safavid kings named Shah Abbas?
Yes! Isfahan is proud of having such a stunning square surrounded by numerous two-story shops all around.
This rectangular-shaped square is located in the center of the city which is about 560 meters long and 160 meters wide.
Many tourists have found Naghsh-e-Jahan square great and glorious, and retold some memories of other ambassadors and foreign diplomats inside the square. 
Beside all those stores around, there are four monuments belonging to Safavid era, known as the biggest and most famous monuments at each side of the square. They are as follows:

1. Imam Mosque on the South side, as the most important mosque remaining from Safavid era, known as Friday Mosque (central mosque or congregational mosque);
Today, public prayers are held in Imam Mosque each Friday.
2. Sheikh Lotf-Allah mosque placed on the East side; It was shah Abbas’s private mosque. It is considered as one of the most beautiful religious buildings worldwide! The difference between this mosque and other mosques from Safavid era is that this one does not have a minaret for reasons!
3. Ali Qapoo palace on the West; Out of the obvious features of this building, we can mention the sound reflection at the entrance part, the glorious guest room, the major music hall, and many other rooms for holding meetings and foreign politicians and ambassadors’ accommodations.
 4. Qeisaria gate; Which stands at the main entrance of the Great Esfahan Bazaar. This building had three floors not long ago, but now it has two. The third floor used to be a room for playing live music in order to show different times of the day.
As mentioned earlier, Isfahan is a land having many other attractions in its heart. I will let you know about them if you follow us ...
Written by Marjan Doras,
IMNA English Service

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