Critics, not take victory of deal into defeat: Zarif

ISFAHAN (Imna) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said that the government's plan to develop the country in hopes of favorable conditions for all people in the country, especially in Isfahan there are many higher capacity of the cultural, scientific, industrial, and public. Isfahan people have the better and high potential for help develop the country.

Zarif arrived in Isfahan on Wednesday evening to open several projects and meet with provincial officials and elites.
 In a press conference in Isfahan, Zarif said I am very happy that this success will provide to be present in Isfahan in the government week.
He added implementation of the nuclear deal which Iran has reached with six world powers will prepare the ground for implementation of policies on the resistance economy.
He further said full implementation of such a strategy calls for national will, public contribution and precise government planning.
Zarif then described the JCPOA as a social, economic and political opportunity for the country. By implementation of the JCPOA, the anti-Iran sanctions will be lifted in two to three months, noted the top Iranian diplomat.
However, he added, it will take longer for the country to experience its impacts on Iran's economy.
Iran and the six world powers reached a landmark nuclear agreement on July 14 in the Austrian capital.
Under the JCPOA, limits will be put on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for, among other things, the removal of all economic and financial bans against the Islamic Republic.
Zarif said the JCPOA is one of the hottest issues in the US Congress.
It is a very important issue for the US internal policies, stressed Zarif.
There are pressures for rejecting the JCPOA in the US Congress, but there is a weak possibility for this, said the foreign minister adding that attempts to force the Congress to do so have been unfruitful so far.
About his aim to travel to Isfahan, he said he is planned to open several projects and meet with provincial officials and the elite. The development plans are to be inaugurated by ministers and top officials in different parts of the country coincident with the Government Week, on August 24-30, in Iran.

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