"Revving up the stagnant bilateral relations between Isfahan and some of its sister cities is one of the subjects of intense interest in public diplomacy," Ali Ghasemzadeh noted during a meeting with Mirla Carmen Greco, the Romanian ambassador to Iran, while emphasizing the expansion of ties between Isfahan and Iași.

Iran (IMNA) - "Romania's Iași is one of Isfahan's sister cities the relations of which have remained frozen in recent years, " the Mayor of Isfahan added.

He went on to say that, "Having been invited by Isfahan's International Exhibition Center, the Romanian ambassador to Iran visited Isfahan to explore cultural, scientific and economic opportunities to further enhance bilateral cooperation.

"Considering the consultations, we are looking to get the spark back in Isfahan- Iași connections," Ghasemzade emphasized.

"I hope that my visit to Isfahan will be a prelude to increasing interactions between the two sister cities, " Mirla Carmen Greco said.

She added, "having cultural similarities with Isfahan, the city of Iași is home to the largest number of Iranian students."

Mirla Carmen Greco ended, "Today, there are several grounds for increasing interaction between the two cities."

Overloading with stunning architectures, fascinating historical structures and astounding sceneries, the Romanian city shares cultural and historical similarities with Isfahan.

Once titled the "city of the hundred churches" and "symbol of Romanian history", Iaşi is indeed bursting with centuries of masterpieces.

With a population of over 340000, the eastern city of Iasi is Romania’s second largest metropolis after the capital Bucharest. The city was officially introduced as the historical capital of Romania in December 2018. Iași is also considered as the most important cultural and economic center in the North-Eastern part of Romania

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