Iran imposes sanctions on 11 us individuals over human rights violations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced the designation of 11 American individuals for their involvement in violating human rights by suppressing peaceful protests by university students and professors in the United States who were supporting the Palestinian cause against Israel's crimes in Gaza.

Iran (IMNA) _ According to a statement released by the Ministry, the individuals, who hold positions in various law enforcement agencies across the US, have been sanctioned under Article 5 of the "Law on Countering the Violation of Human Rights and Adventurous and Terrorist Activities of the United States in the Region" (2017).

The sanctioned individuals include William Billy Hitchens, Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety of Georgia, Eddie Grier, Commanding Officer over Field Operations of Georgia, and several other law enforcement officials from various universities and police departments across the US.

The sanctions imposed on these individuals will include blocking of accounts and transactions in Iranian financial and banking systems, blocking of assets within Iran's jurisdiction, as well as prohibition of visa issuance and entry to Iran.

The Ministry has instructed all relevant national organizations and institutions in Iran to take necessary measures to implement these sanctions effectively.

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