Iran International Documentary Film Festival Cinéma Vérité to Spotlight Gaza in its 17th Edition

The organizers of the 17th edition of Iran International Documentary Film Festival Cinéma Vérité have revealed that a special section dedicated to Gaza will be featured in the festival. This section will showcase a curated selection of documentaries focused on Gaza, shedding light on the ongoing issues in Palestine.

Iran (IMNA) - There will also be a panel discussion involving international professors and filmmakers who will delve into the humanitarian consequences of the crisis, documentary filmmaking techniques, and more.

The primary goal of the Gaza section is to bring attention to both renowned documentaries previously screened at the festival, as well as new productions in this field. Further details regarding the documentary lineup and the panel participants will be announced in the near future.

Scheduled to take place in Tehran from December 18 to 23, the 17th Cinéma Vérité is organized by the Documentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC). The festival aims to represent the history and culture of Iranian Islamic society, while presenting a genuine portrayal of the challenges faced by individuals and communities through documentary films.

This year, the festival will focus on two significant national and international challenges: the water crisis and population issues. In addition to the festival's main venue, Tehran's Charsu Cineplex, the films will also be screened at the Film Museum of Iran.

In September, the organizers announced that a total of 2,454 documentaries from around the world were submitted to the festival. Among these submissions, 615 works are from Iran, while 1,839 are foreign documentaries. Participating countries include Turkey, China, the U.K., Russia, Poland, Spain, Egypt, Argentina, Indonesia, and Germany, among others.

Headline: Iran International Documentary Film Festival Cinéma Vérité Shines Spotlight on Gaza in its 17th Edition

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