Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden funds Filmmakers in Kurdistan

Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden, with forty five years precedence, protects and financially supports filmmakers in Kurdistan with new international funding.

Iran (IMNA) - Göteborg Film Festival in Sweden is the largest and the most prestigious festival in Scandinavia as well as the most important venue for film industry annual gatherings in the Northern Europe. The new international funding finances and supports filmmakers in Kurdistan, Brazil, Sudan and Ukraine. These artists are able to apply from 20 May to 10 July 2021 for funding to expand and develop their screenplays, post production expenses, and distribution of their works.
The general directors of this funding evaluate filmmakers’ requests with their professional teams and annonce their final decision in 21 October 2001.
During the corona pandemic in 2021, the funding was initiated and directed by Camilla Larsson. With increasing artistic expression, Larsson continually assists diverse media atmosphère and supports film projects.

The allocated sum this year is €400 thousand (4 million krona) which endeavours to finance cinematic activities in the future.
The field of culture is mostly deprived during times of crisis. Presently, during the corona virus pandemic, access to distribution channels and film production costs are seriously affected.

The Göteborg Film Festival monetary fundingis allocated to filmmakers who are working under this difficult conditions. In 2001, the funding, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sweden, supports important productions and has allocated funding to screen plays (€10000), postproduction (€30000), distribution (€20000).

Considering audience attraction and cultural impact of films as a decisive factor in society allocation and financing filmmakers is understandable.
The Göteborg Film Festival, under the general direction of Mirja Wester and art direction of Jonas Holmberg, as the largest and most prestigious festival in Scandinavia, has gathered filmmakers from various countries in the world in order to compete in various categories: ‘international competition, ´Nordique competition’, ‘documentary Nordique competition, Ingmar Bergman competition, ‘first Competition’, ‘concentration’, and ´Short films from Sweden’ as well as non competitive section in the categories of ‘international films’, ´Gala´, ´masters’ and ‘vision’, ‘horizons’, ´classic films’, ‘five continents’, ´loving images’ and ‘new voices’; together with seminars, round tables and film Bazar platforms, filmmaking workshops, inauguration and several other sections; all held in ten cinemas and forty film venues in Göteborg.

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