Over 15 million pilgrims arrives in Karbala this year

More than 15.22 million pilgrims entered the holy city of Karbala from five cities of Baghdad, Najaf, Babylon, al-Hurr and Hussainiyeh, according to a report.

Iran (IMNA) - In a Saturday statement, the al-Abbas's Holy Shrine announced that the number of the visitors during the Arbaeen season this year – from October 6 to 19 – has reached 15.229.955, Mehr reported.

The following is the text of the statement: As usual, for more than 13 centuries, the holy city of Karbala was honored by the guests and visitors of Aba Abdillah al-Hussein (peace be upon him) in the blessed Ziyarat of Arbaeen this year.

The servants of the holy shrines had the great honor to receive them and render their services to the visitors. These services included many activities such as documenting the number of visitors by the electronic counting system for arrival at the main entrances of Karbala. This system was installed and managed by the Communications' division of the al-Abbas's Holy Shrine for the fourth year in a row, and the statistical analysis documentation of the rest of the services in the holy city of Karbala by the al-Kafeel Center for Information and Statistical Studies.

The number of visitors registered according to the electronic counting system in five axes (Baghdad - Karbala, Najaf - Karbala, Babylon - Karbala, Hussaynia - Karbala, and al-Hurr-Karbala.) is 15,229,955 visitors, in the said period.

The number of visitors in the preceding year was 15,322,949.


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