Mansour Jahani Received Journalism Award of Göteborg Fine Arts Association

Göteborg Fine Arts Association (Internationella Sköna Konster i Göteborg) of Sweden granted its Journalism Award to Mansour Jahani, independent journalist of international cinema.

Iran (IMNA) - Göteborg Fine Arts Association works extensively across various arts and humanities fields namely: cinema, theater, visual arts, folklore dances and etc. The association holds various festivals with the focus on Kurdish cinema, visual arts, and theater annually. At the closing ceremony of the 4th Kurdish Film Festival of Göteborg, the Göteborg Fine Arts Association awarde Mansour Jahani with the Journalism Award.

Delshad Ahmad, Manager of Göteborg Fine Arts Association, and Lage Björk, Head of Communication Department of Manager of Göteborg Fine Arts Association granted the prestigious award to Jahani, independent Iranian journalist and international cinema reporter. The 4th edition of the festival was held under moto of “Cinema; Humanity’s and Creativity’s Eyes” in Göteborg, Sweden.

Mansour Jahani, graduate of Journalism from School of Media Studies - Associated with IRNA news agency - is a member of Belgium’s International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). He is an active member of Association of Iranian Journalists, Iranian Sports Journalists Association (ISJA), the Sweitzerland’s Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive (AIPS), Iran's Film Critics and Writers Association, Association of Journalists in Kurdistan-Iraq, Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds (aka House of Cinema) and Music Researchers Center at Iran’s House of Music.

Jahani published numerous reports, interviews and researches in Arabic, English, Kurdish, Persian and Turkish in different platforms from papers to websites across the globe.

He served as the head of PR and media advisor at various film festivals and cinematic projects in Iran and the world; including 5 editions of Abu Dhabi Film Festival in the UAE, 4 editions of Iran’s International Fajr Film Festival, 4 editions of Tehran International Short Film Festival, 2 editions of Norway’s Tromso International Film Festival, 2 editions of Slemani International Film Festival in Iraq’s Kurdistan, Norway’s Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival, Czech’s International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, South Korea’s Busan International Film Festival, Poland’s Grand OFF International Film Festival, 3 editions of Kurdistan’s Duhok International Film Festival, 2 editions of Iran’s Cinema Verite, the first edition of Kish International Film Festival, Isfahan’s Children Film Festival, 2 editions of Iran’s Green Film Festival, Tehran’s Jasmin International Film Festival, the 6th edition of Khorshid Independent Short Film Festival, 5 editions of London Kurdish Film Festival in the UK, 3 editions of Slemani Kurdish Film Festival in Iraq’s Kurdistan, Manchester Kurdish Film Festival Shorts in the UK, Zurich Kurdish Film Festival in Switzerland, Turkey’s Amed Theatre Festival, the 3rd edition of No To Violence Film Festival in Erbil, First Ranea Children Film Festival, the 2nd Golden Youth Short Film Festival in Erbil, the 1st Halabja Documentary Film Festival in Iranq’s Kurdistan.

Reseba: The Dark Wind, a 2016 Iraqi film directed by Kurdish director Hussein Hassan depicts life of a young Yazidi couple struggle during the Islamic State's seizure of Sinjar and the massacre that follows. Following Mansour Jahan and Manouchehr Jahani’s followup as media advisors and PR managers, the film was selected as the Iraqi entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards.

In 2016, Memories on Stone, directed by Shawkat Amin Korki was selected as the Iraqi entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards following Jahani’s efforts as a PR manager and media advisor.

In 2014, Mardan directed by Batin Ghobadi was selected as the Iraqi entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards as the result of Jahani’s efforts as a PR manager and media advisor.

Mansour Jahani has served as a media advisor for numerous film including Masoud Jozani’s “Iran Burger”, “Behind the Wall of Silence”, “Cyrus the Great”, Pouran Derakhshandeh’s “Hush! Girls Don't Scream”, “Under the Smokey Roof”, Bahman Qobadi’s “Half Moon”, “No One Knows About Persian Cats”, “Rhino Season”, “Look Up From Time to Time”, Alireza Raeisian’s “Time to Love”, Kambuzia Partovi’s “Truck”, Turaj Aslani’s Gingko, Ida Panahandeh’s “Nahid”, Vahid Vakilifar’s “Jonas”, “Taboor”, “Gesher”, “Iran K9”, Shawkat Amin Korki’s “Memories on Stone”, “Kick Off”, “Crossing the Dust”, Shahram Alidi’s “Whisper with the Wind”, Batin Ghobadi’s “Mardan” and “Ask the Wind”, Rahim Zabihi’ “The Land of Legend”, Hossein Hassan’s “Reseba: The Dark Wind”, Ahmad Ramezanzadeh’s “Love Story”, Bairam Fazeli’s “Do You Have More Apples?”, Keywan Karimi’s “Drum”, “Working Spouses’ Story”, “Broken Border”, Ebrahim Mokhtari’s “Life’s Leave”, Ebrahim Saeedi’s “Mandoo”, “All My Mothers”, “Helen”, late Taha Karimi’s “1001 Apples”, “Qandil Mountains”, “Fuel Oil the Cancer of My Town”, Hamidreza Aligholian’s Flamingo No. 13”, Nahid Ghobadi and Bijan Zamanpira’s “Abput 111 Girls”, “Cat and Mouse”, Hamid Zargarnejad’s “End of Service”, Sattar Chamanigol’s “Golnesa”, “A Painful Day”, “Border”, “Stone Sap”, Alireza Amini’s “Block 9, Exit 2”, Morteza Atashzamzam’s “Melancholy”, Mohammadreza Fartousi’s “Mother, I'm Joseph”, Nahid Hassanzadeh’s “Another Time”, Shwan Attoof’s “Home & Key”, “My Father's Garden” and “Barber and the World”, Mahmoud Rahmani’s “Molf-e Gand”, “My Mother, Oak”, Jalal Saedpanah’s “Sound of Rain”, “Black and White”, eight war-stricken kids from Kobani and Shengal who directed “Life on the Border”, Behrang Dezfoulizadeh’s “Aceton”, Panah BarKhoda Rezaei’s “Sound of Silence”, Ferial Behzad’s “Harir”, Jafar Nourmohammadi’s “Song of Rain”, “Sun’s First Photo”, “Margan”, Iraj Mohammadi Razini’s “Behold the Man”, Fatemeh Dastmard’s “Seven Stones” and many more films.

In potentials of independent journalist, international reporter, PR manager, Jahani handled numerous projects including cultural events of the French embassy in Tehran, French Cinema Week in Iran attended by former editor in chief of Cahiers du Cinéma and current critic of Hollywood Reporter Jean-Michel Frodon, archaeologist, general curator and director of the Department of Oriental Antiquities at the Louvre Museum Marielle Pic; an exhibition of omnipresent technology, conceptual works of art by Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos; research project of Tehran’s “City Garden Festival” attended by researchers from France and Iran; the 3rd edition of Kurdish Film Festival of Göteborg; establishment of Iraq’s cultural center in Tehran. The 20th edition of Galawej Literatre Festival; the 3rd Annual International Conference of Dabran Platform in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq; Meeting of Hafez Fans with UNESCO National Commission Office; several editions of Saghez Kurdish Theater Festival; the First Arts and HIV/AIDS Exhibition; the 15th International Traditional & Ritual Theater Festival in Tehran; the First International Week of Sene-Dej Kurdish Film in Sanandaj, Iran; the 2nd Conference of Children, Cinema HIV/AIDS; Dr Majod Pazoki’s photo gallery titled: “Cloud”; Annual Conference of Iranian Associations of Hafez Fans in Shahroud; the 11th Regional Kusalan Young Cinema Festival in Sanandaj; Sonqor Photo Competition; Tribue Ceremony for Hamid Dehghan, Iranian premier mountain climber at Mahak Charity; Baneh National Story Festival; the 2nd Sound of Iran Festival; the 6th and 7th editions Jiar Festival of Films and Photo in Kurdistan Province, Parana Student Theater Crew at Iran’s Students Theater Festival; and etc.

Mansour Jahani has been working as a media advisor with Ace Gallery in Tehran since 2015 and has worked as PR manager of individual exhibitions and galleries of Iranian artist based in France Davoud Ghanbari, Mansour Tabibzadeh’s exhibition titled “Maximal”, Alireza Karimi Saremi’s photo exhibition titled “Gondola’s Dream” from Venice, Italy, an exhibition of 54 works of art by 17 international artists from 9 countries, screening of winners of Venice’s Golden Lion at Ace Gallery, literature critic sessions titled “10 Nights, 10 Authors”, Group photo exhibition titled “From Byway to Highway”; Short films critic sessions titled “16 Nights 16 Directors”’; painting exhibition of group “Grays” under the title of “Shadowless Shadows”; Alternative Cinema Workshop headed by Mohammad Shirvani; screening and critic session of Simmel Balouchestan directed by Maziar Moshtagh Gohari; painting exhibition titled “Mirage” to showcase spectacular coffeehouse paintings and original posters of classic cinema.

Jahani has conducted excessive researches on music of Iran and Kurdistan, Iraq. He has worked closely with many singers and ensembles as their PR manager. He contributed to the Kamkars ensemble, Sadiq Tariff traditional music singer, Adnan Karim Kurdish singer based in Sweden, Payam Azizi spiritual music singer, Jivar Ensemble lead by Jivar Sheikholeslami, Tara Jaf harp player and Kurdish music singer based in the UK, Fardin Lahourpour Ney player.

Jahani contributed to “Iran Gam” music company headed by Sadroddin Hosseinkhani as a media advisor since 2016.  He worked as the PR manager of various prominent singers namely Master Mohammadreza Shajarian on album “Tarigh-e Eshgh” composed by late Parviz Meshkatian, Master Shahram Nazeri on album “Derafsh Kaviani” composed by Farid Elhami and album “Who Is a Lover?” composed by Amir Pourkhalaji, Homayoun Shajarian on video album “The Lords of the Secrets” composed by Sohrab Pournazeri, Salar Aghili on album “Who Are You?” composed by Hamid Motebassem and album “From Life and Heart” composed by Navid Dehghan and album “Jan-e Sargardan” composed by Jamshid Safarzadeh and album “Mihan” composed by Mohammad Jalil Andalibi, Mohammad Alizadeh on album “I Said Don’t Go” arranged by Milad Torabi, Hamidreza Nourbakhsh on album “In the Fire of Songs” composed by Navid Dehghan and album “Sober Drunnk” composed by Dariush Pirniakan, Vahid Taj on album “Love Must Stay Alive” composed by Majid Molania, Ashkan Dadighazar on album “Without Preamble”, album “Halghe Rendan” composed by Mehrdad Karim Khavari, album Collage composed by Mahyar Tarihi, Color Paper Ensemble on album “Blue” managed by Shahriar Balouchestani, Kourosh Anoush on album “Take My Hands”, Mirtohid Radfar and Mirvahid Radfar on album “Gardeshe Jaam”, Rouhollah Safavi on video album “Lian” composed by Mohsen Sharifian, Reza Rouhpour on album “Wounded Man” composed by Mohsen Sharifian, Mohammadreza Ahmadian on album “Traveller” sang by Khosrow Shakibaei on poems by Sohrab Sepehri, Abdolhossein Mokhtabad on album “Siah Mashq” arranged by Behzad Khodarahmi, Farhad Safari on album “On Time Orbit”.

Since 2016, Mansour Jahani has been working very closely with Mohammad Alizadeh, as his PR manager and media advisor to manage his international and domestic concerts. Jahani contribute to Alizadeh’s orchestra too.

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