Niklas Engström: Isfahan Municipality has a high profile

Being invited to the ICS 2017, Niklas Engström as the board member of RVM Systems, introduces their company as follows: RVM Systems develop, produce, manufacture and maintain Reverse Vending Machines (RVM).

Niklas Engström works as the sales director for the Swedish RVM Systems. They have branches in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

IMNA English Service interviewed him on the second day of the International Exhibition on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017).   

Could you first introduce your company and your position there?

I work for RVM system for export markets. We sell machines for beverage containers recycling such as pet or aluminum cans. We are working with Tehran and Isfahan Municipalities, so they are our targets, because municipalities are more responsible for the waste handling in Iran.

Do you have any branches here in Iran?

Yes they are in Tehran and Isfahan. They’re named Swedish House, it is a company founded by Iranians living in Sweden, in the way that they take the products which are needed in Iranian market.

How many years have you been working on the issue?

This is rather one and a half year. We are still on the concept but we feel that we are closed to have a break where we really have our machines used by the general public.

Is your method more economical than the others?

Actually right now nearly everything connected to the municipalities, is going to landfills so there is very little recycling. However, by using our machines, you separate all the beverage containers and then you can recycle the aluminum to new cans and new pet bottles.

Why haven’t you cooperated with other cities’ municipalities?

We have just started the job, and we chose Isfahan because it has a high profile and wishes to do well to be a modern municipality. Tehran is of course big and modern as well.

Have you gone sightseeing around Isfahan?

Not really, I have seen parts of the city. And I think it is less busy compared to Tehran, you can see not as many high buildings, it is less crowded; in whole it seems that the municipality of Isfahan is keeping the place rather clean.

And also there is quite a bit of landscaping. So it feels like they are looking after the populations well in Isfahan.

Interviewer: Marjan Doras

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