The closing ceremony of the 39th edition of the Tehran International Film Festival was held in Milad Tower of Tehran's international conventions hall, hosted by Mohammad Solooki.

Iran (IMNA) - The festival president Mehdi Azarpendar said, "Praise the Lord! Whatever good came out of this event is the Lord's blessing, and whatever flaws, my own and not even a fault of my partners. I welcome all attendees bidding farewell to this 39-year-old festival. I am not here to present a report as everyone was present and saw how the festival was held, so I must only provide a report to Mr. Khazaei and the Cinema Organization of Iran, and to the all-seeing Lord. I thank you all!"

Mohammad Khazaei: I witnessed a majestic, pioneering, and creative festival
Cinema Organization of Iran's director, Mohammad Khazaei, stated in the closing ceremony of the 39th TISFF, "I witnessed firsthand how well this event was managed and saw a majestic, pioneering, and creative festival. Founding a center for the graduates of this society was a turning point in this round. I appreciate your endeavors at holding this majestic festival. I thank the members of the jury in both national and international categories who worked 24/7 with their compact schedules."
He added, "The serious approach of the Cinema Organization is in line with our mission of cultural justice and a need for attention to deprived areas. I believe that the future of our cinema lies in smaller cities and provinces. We have to announce that the short film budget has more than doubled since last year, and we will be witnessing the production of 500 films by the Iranian Youth Cinema Society. The truth is, this society was founded for the discovery of talents, for all those capable individuals with no place to grow and flourish. You, young filmmakers, leave no place for worries when it comes to the cultural life of this country. There are countries who have the budget but lack the artistic talent, so we must value the treasures we have in our homeland."

Iranian Culture Minister: We had many applicants in the international category
The ceremony followed with Mohammad Mehdi Esmaeili, the Minister of Culture, making remarks, "We had many applicants to the international category, and this festival was held efficiently. This event is in fact a preliminary step to a series of cultural and artistic festivals in Iran. We have now entered the season of festivals, with this one as the first step. The enthusiasm and passion witnessed in this closing ceremony are good omens. In the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, we have defined cultural and educational development all across the country as the main agenda."

Iranian Youth Cinema Society is One of Our Most Significant Foundations
Esmaeili continued his remarks, saying, "The Iranian Youth Cinema Society is one of our most prized institutes. Most of our prominent artists come from this foundation. Therefore, we have set the expansion of this society as one of our main missions. This is the most important tool for the development of cultural justice, with art and culture diplomacy as a rubric. I have been host to more than 7 ministers of culture from different countries in the last couple of months. Our cinema is experiencing a golden era. We have a deep and meaningful cinema; a cinema representing social values and our brilliant culture. We must strengthen this cinema."
We Must Pay Attention to Global Cinema Markets
Esmaeili closed his statement, saying, "We will make use of the great potentials secured through regional interactions such as the Shanghai Cooperation. We have signed good cultural agreements with other countries and will profit
from their outcomes. For instance, the Shanghai Cooperation yields many advantages for us. We have to pay attention to global cinema markets so that we may export the Iranian culture. Cultural economics may thus follow suit."

International Cinema Competition Section
The ceremony continued with members of the jury in the international competition category including Edvinas Puksta, Mirona Radu, Mahmoud Kalari, Sergio Gomez, and Tahsin Isbilen, announcing the winners as follows:
Tahsin Isbilen, a jury member of the international competition, said, " I appreciate the high quality of the films in this edition; marvelous films that made the selection quite more difficult."
Best Animated Short: "Absence" directed by Marc Héricher from France
Best Experimental Short: "Basin of Attraction" directed by Jonathan Pepe from France
Best Documentary Short: "Heimat: directed by Giovanni Montagna from Italy
Best Fiction Short: "Old Windows" directed by Mitham Rida and Paul Hulbrook from the UK
The director of this film in a video message stated, "Receiving this award is both a shock and honor. Winning this prize in this festival seemed more like a dream. I thank you all for holding this great festival, and I appreciate the award given to me."

International Competition Grand Prix
The international experimental film competition's Grand Prix was granted to "Descartes" directed by Concha Barquero and Alejandro Alvarado from Spain. In a video message, the directors said, "We are happy to be receiving this award, and we thank the jury as well as the selection committee. This award means a lot to us. This film recounts a period of time in Spanish history, and it is an experimental film. This award can elevate the status of genre filmmaking in Spain."

Iranian Cinema Competition Section
Experimental Shorts:
The members of the jury of the 39th TISFF Iranian cinema experimental shorts competition were the following: Masoud Madadi, Saeed Nejati, and Tiyam Yabandeh, who announced the winners as follows:
Plaque of Appreciation for Best Experimental Film Director: Morteza Farhadnia for "Breakfast"
Golden Leaf for Best Experimental Director: Ehsan Mirzayi for "Mr. Won's Room"
Animated Shorts:
The members of the jury of the 39th TISFF Iranian cinema animated shorts competition were the following: Maryam Kashkulinia, Hadi Mohammadian, and Mohammad Amin Hamedani, who announced the winners as follows:
Golden Leaf for Best Animated Short: Farnoush Abedi for "Spray Gun"
Documentary Shorts:
The members of the jury in the documentary category of Iranian Cinema were the following: Mohammad Sadegh Esmaeili, Atieh Zare', Yasser Faryadras, Hassan Naghashi, and Maziar Hashemi. They announced the winners as follows:
Golden Leaf for Best Research and Development: Solmaz Alizadeh for "Syrian"
Golden Leaf for Best Documentary Director: Mojtaba Heydari for "I Came Back Alive"

Farabi Cinema Foundation Supports Three Filmmakers
Farabi Cinema Foundation's special prize was awarded to Mohammadreza Moradi for "Colorful" and he earned a letter of credit for making his first feature-length film. The other credentials were given to Ata Mojabi and Amir Pazirofteh who received a letter of credit from Farabi Foundation CEO Seyyed Mehdi Javadi. In addition, Javadi asserted that another letter of credit would be granted to Omid Vafayi.

Fiction Shorts:
The members of the jury in the competition section of Iranian fiction shorts in the 39th edition of the Tehran International Short Film Festival were the following: Mohammadreza Sokoot, Rouhollah Sohrabi, Rasul Sadr Ameli, Hadi Moghadamdoost, and Hossein Namazi. They announced the winners of this section as follows:
Golden Leaf for Best Score: Behnam Omran for "Open from Here"
Golden Leaf for Best Makeup: Omid Golzadeh for "A Piece of You"
Golden Leaf for Best Costume and Production Design: Reyhaneh Esmaeilian and Mina Salimi for "Neigh"
Golden Leaf for Best Visual Effects: Hassan Najafimanesh for "Black Coke"
Golden Leaf for Best Actor: Nazanin Ahmadi for "Simin's Reception" and "A Piece of You"
Golden Leaf for Best C
inematography: Arman Fayyaz for "A Piece of You"
Golden Leaf for Best Editing: Ali Goorani for "Black Coke"
Golden Leaf for Best Sound Design: Pejman Raj and Azad Sadeghi for "3:33"
Golden Leaf for Best Adapted Screenplay: Ata Mojabi for the fiction short "Jenakat"
Golden Leaf for Best Original Screenplay: Nafiseh Zare' and Atefeh Salehi for "Neigh"
Golden Leaf for Best Fiction Director: Mohammad Paydar for "Black Coke"
Jury's Special Award for Fiction Director: Amir Honarmand for "Silkworm"
Golden Leaf for Best Film in National Competition: Amir Pazirofteh and the Iranian Youth Cinema Society for "Androva"

Best Film by Audience Votes
The best film chosen by audience votes was "Black Coke" directed by Mohammad Paydar and produced by Mohammad Javad Movahed with 1632 votes.
Festival President's Special Award
Due to its fresh perspective on women's issues in society, the president's special award was granted to Mana Pakseresht for the short film "Interval".

Tehran International Short Film Festival (TISFF) is one of the most prominent and prestigious short film events all across the world and is Oscar-qualified; the 39th round of this festival presided over by Mehdi Azarpendar and held by the Iranian Youth Cinema Society, heralding the motto of "Variety in Genre" with a focus on the subject of genre, consisted of two competition categories of national and international cinema. With in-person participation, the festival screened more than 60 shorts including fiction, documentary, animation, and instrumental films made by directors coming from 35 countries all around the globe, beside 99 short films by Iranian filmmakers all across the country. The jury comprised members from Portugal, Turkey, Lithuania, Romania, and Iran, and the international cinema instructors' summits were held from October 19-24, 2022 in Mellat Cinema Complex in Tehran

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