Brocade is a very fine and expensive fabric that its warps and wefts are made of pure silk and colored silk respectively; one of the wefts is braid string, which can be golden or silvern.

Iran (IMNA) - Gold weaving is one types of crafts and fine arts that has been practiced in our country for a long time.

Although it is not clear when gold weaving came to exist, most historians believe that Iranian silk and weaving crafts enjoyed a good reputation in Asia and Europe from about 2000 years ago as the best gold velvet fabrics had been made by Iranian talented artists.

Although weaving is one of the industries that has always had special place in Iran, some researchers believe that in some ways, the value of this art reached its apogee during the Seljuk era.

Three kinds of fabrics including plain silk fabrics, golden silk fabrics and silk velvets were woven in workshops of Isfahan and Kashan during the Safavid period and the Golden age of weaving in Iran.

These types of fabrics were not commonly used for general purposes, but rather they were usually considered as valuable samite and gifts for the rulers and leaders of other countries. Let's see how this valuable fabric is made.

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