The sudden emergence of the Coronavirus, has led world Governments not take a proper stance for rapid and decisive response to the circumstance and its devastating impact on economy and people’s lives, especially on day laborers.

Iran (IMNA) - Iran is now in the midst of the battle against the Coronavirus, an invisible enemy. The country has carried out a series of unexampled measures to save businesses from liquidation and avoid mass unemployment. However, some people are falling through the cracks.

Since the crisis comes out, the day laborers' already-insecure employment has become even more precarious. While Iranian government has set up a plan to help them throughout the crisis, they are still at huge risk of extreme poverty as they rely on employers' daily wages to earn their livelihood.

For people coming of such walks of life who are now going into months without income, it is already becoming difficult to stay level with rent and bills.  

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