Months of massive drought and record- breaking temperatures causing a series of huge wildfires across Australia. This bushfire which sparked in September 2019 has become as a major threat for wildlife.

Each year during the Australian summer, dry and hot weather causing bushfire but prolonged drought began in 2017 made this year’s bushfire more overwhelming than ever. Australia’s fatal bushfire which sparked in September 2019 created unprecedented damage. Actually, in this wildfire more than one billion animals lost their lives and more than 14 million acres of lands are destroyed.

Most of the time some natural causes such as lightning strikes in forests and spreads swiftly. This year in Victoria’s East Gippsland region, prolonged drought and dry lightning was the major reason of starting fire in late December and according to state agency Victoria Emergency fire continued and spread more than 20 kilometers in just five hours and have been blazing ever since. Although some proceedings and cooler conditions have brought, more than 60 fires are still burning across Australia and this is the worst wildfires seen in decades.

Australia’s Bushfire: Wildlife Killer

Although recent data shows that more than 1,100 firefighters are working to slow the spread of fire, it has burned more than 5 million hectares and destroying more than 2 thousand houses and force people to seek a shelter elsewhere in South Australia. In addition, it is reported to have destroyed more than 80 homes in the Adelaide Hills region.

In this terrible bushfire, New South Wales and Victoria has been worst burned. Fires between NSW and Victoria destroyed several houses and lands. In addition, nearly 25 thousand of koalas and tens of thousands of animals mainly sheep were killed in kangaroo Island in the state of South Australia. In this respect, experts have warned and expressed concerned over some survival of endangered species such as the dunnart – a mouse like marsupial and the black glossy cockatoo on the Island.

Climate Change: Major Reason of Bushfire

For a long period of time scientists have warned about drought and dry climate which recently lead to such a terrible wildfire. Hotter and drier climate which started in 2017 has made firing more possible and intense. According to recent data, Australia's climate has warmed more than one degree Celsius since 1920 and most of the temperature rise goes back to 1950 and afterwards, the bureau of Meteorology.

It is impossible to ignore climate crisis and indeed we should be more cautious about nature and climate change. Ignoring environmental problems causing global warming leads to wildlife extinction and pollution. This is our pledge and urgent attention and fundamental societal change is needed. As a matter of fact, this is human who is responsible for climate change thus, we must take a stand fearlessly and avoid environmental ruin, in this sense we can take a step forward protecting and respecting nature and wildlife.

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