The 11th edition of International Exhibition of Tourism and Handicrafts is now running with the presence of 20 commercial delegations from 20 countries including Spain, China, Malaysia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Cuba, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland and Afghanistan in Isfahan.

Iran (IMNA) - "Isfahan is a global city that has a significant and valuable role in recognizing Iran across the world," Gholamreza Ansari, Zarif's deputy for economic affairs, said while emphasizing the role of Isfahan in tourism industry.

Referring to the insufficient introduction of Iran's tourism potentials in international levels, Ansari said, "there are two strategies to make Iran's tourism industry globally known: one is lecturing about Iran that is not very efficient and the other is the creation of more opportunities to strength the relations between countries; so, promoting tourism industry is the most important way to introduce Iran's attractions."

Poya Mahmoudian, deputy director of traditional arts and crafts of the country's Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO), added, "Iran's handicraft art is unique and matchless. Iranian handicrafts represent the country's culture and act as cultural ambassadors to all countries; they contain and carry the message of peace for other countries."

Deputy Director of Handicrafts and Traditional Arts of the country's Cultural Heritage Organization, invited all people in various countries across the world to visit the handicrafts workshops in Iranian cities and villages to recognize the magnificence of Iranian art.

In this respect, Isfahan's Director General of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism organization, Fereydoun Allah-yari said, "The exhibition is an important opportunity to make known the capabilities in the field of tourism, and there is a lot of potential in our tourism sector that should be introduced."

"The special event that has taken place at the exhibition is the simultaneous holding of the tourism and handicraft exhibitions," said Allah-yari.

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