Qeshm is one of the most beautiful islands in Iran that homes many natural and wonderful attractions; Naz Island, Hara forest, Hengam Island, Namakdan salt cave, Khorbas cave, Setaregan valley are some of the eye-catching sites in Qeshm.

Iran (IMNA) – Setargean valley which dates back to two million years ago, is located in Berkeh Khalaf village, about 15 kilometers from Qeshm Island. The valley was created by soil and stone erosion due to the rain and wind. Local people believe that once upon a time, a star fell down on the heart of the island, then created strange shapes from stone and sand.

The formed natural shapes in the gorges and canyons have changed it into an attractive place for visitors. The natural attractions include big needle-shaped columns, vertical walls, and bridges which are made of stone, sand and lime. The shapes are created naturally by soil erosion from wind and rain.

Due to the strange sound of wind blowing in the valley at night and making horrifying sounds, local people believe that there are invisible entities, spirits, and jinns in this place; so they don’t enter the valley during evening and night.

The Valley of the Stars is the only geo-park in the Middle East, and it is considered as one of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites.

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