"We intend to provide the necessary conditions to develop the relations between Isfahan and Croatia," Isfahan's mayor said in a meeting with the Croatian Ambassador to Iran.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Referring to the role of the Silk Road in developing relations between the countries located on the route, Ghodratollah Noroozi said, "the Silk Road plays an important role in the development and economic prosperity of countries along the route. Considering that Croatia is also a country member on the Silk Road, it is possible to expand the further dialogues between Iran and Croatia."

"We are keen to meet the Croatian tourists traveling to the city of Isfahan, know as half the world, because visiting the city means discovering half the world," he said while emphasizing the establishment of bilateral agreements on tourism industry with the country of Croatia.

Drago Stambuk, Croatian Ambassador to Iran described Isfahan as a very beautiful city and said, "this is my first visit to Isfahan; during the short amount of time I visited the city, the beauty and the historical atmosphere of Isfahan have affected me. Considering my visit to the University of Isfahan, I found that there is a very good relationship between this university and the universities in Croatia especially with Zagreb."

"Croatia has a Mediterranean climate and because of the Adriatic Sea, our country is a very good destination for Iranian to enhance the economic activities; also Iranian companies can develop their markets for Iranian products in Croatia, and take advantage of the country's strategic location to export the products," he added.

"Iran is a very large and historical country, and Isfahan is one of the most beautiful cities in this country. We are very interested in establishing mutual interactions and expanding the relations," Stambuk said.

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