Hakim Abul-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi is the author of a book which is considered as the Persian national epic, Shahnameh (the book of kings); He wrote this wonderful masterpiece in thirty years!

Iran (IMNA) - Iranian believe that Ferdowsi is the savior of Farsi language. May 14 is called the "Ferdowsi's Day" which is celebrated at universities and research institutes in Iran.

Unfortunately, the great poet died in poverty, and he was buried in a cemetery located in Toos, 20 kilometers north of Mashhad. His mausoleum was built by the Ghaznavid governor of Khorasan and renovated during the reign of Reza Shah, based on the architectural style of Achaemenid era. It was redesigned by Houshang Sihon with some modifications in its size, decoration, and dimensions.

The monument resembles the tomb of Great Cyrus. A large garden surrounds the rectangular structure of the tomb. There are four columns at the corners of the structure with two half-buried ones on each facet. There is also a nice pool beside Ferdowsi's tomb, which reflects the sun light in front of the tomb; it makes the tomb more amazing.

In order to honor Ferdowsi who made Persian language alive, his statue is installed in this place. Mehdi Akhavan Sales, another great Iranian contemporary poet, was buried on the northwest side of the tomb area as well.

Beautiful white marble stone made Ferdowsi mausoleum's a nice place to visit. The internal walls are adorned with some of his magnificent poems from Shahnameh. Don’t miss this wonderful place as it has very calm and peaceful environment filled with poetry lovers.

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