"If the Zayandehrud River remains alive and sustainable, we can expand our sport activities and proceed them to the global level," the chairman of Isfahan's canoeing board said.

Iran (IMNA) - Referring to the qualification tournament to determine the members of national rafting team, Hadi Ghazi Asgar said, "The winners will be departed for the World Canoe Championship in Turkey from 18 to 23 June. There is chance for Isfahani canoers to gain the quota."

Pointing to the indispensable role of the Zayanderoud River for canoeing in Isfahan, he added "since the river has returned to Isfahan, all canoeing categories are benefited from the flow of water. Given that all pools in Isfahan have been assigned to the private sector, the return of the river, is a big help for us. If the Zayanderoud River remains alive, we can make more progress to become a world champion."

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