Gavkhouni wetland, the final destination of the Zayandehroud River, is situated to the east of Isfahan. The river that originates in the Zagros Mountains, travels over a long distance to find its salt marsh home.

Iran (IMNA) - The vast humid area of Gavkhouni is a natural habitat fordifferent kind of birds like flamingos. Those who are interested in wildlife can hike black mountains there and enjoy the scenes from the top.

Due to the coming of the river back to Isfahan, the lagoon is replenished now and receives high degree of national attention as it was dry for several months.

The migratory birds also have backed to their motherland to nest and raise their young. The situation of Gavkhouni wetland provides essential stopover habitat for these birds to refuel, rest,  and seek protection from predators before moving on to the next leg of the journey. 

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