Saying that the expensive raw materials used for carpet weaving have led to counterfeit products to enter into the markets, the head of Isfahan's Hand-Woven Carpet Manufacturers & Exporters Union (IRCPE) said, "Using these materials in hand-woven carpet will decrease the quality of Isfahan's hand-woven carpets."

Isfahan (IMNA) – Pointing out that fine and original raw materials are difficult to get, Hassan Dardashti noted, "If we try our best, only five kilograms Chinese silk can be obtained throughout the city, most Russian and Kyrgyz silk in the markets are fake and the worst thing is that unfortunately they are used for carpet weaving; this matter will damage Isfahan's carpet industry seriously in the future." "The price of the main ingredients used for weaving carpets like silk and wool has increased significantly, but the price of carpet is not what it should be," he added.

"We don’t expect any financial assistance from the government, just we want them to help the manufacturers with long history in producing good carpets, in order to provide raw materials which have become extremely expensive and counterfeit and finally boost the carpet exports as well," he continued. "If the producers are not supported, high-quality carpets will gradually be obsolete. Unfortunately, officials merely talk, but putting it into practice is important," he said.

"It has been 50th year that I am active in the field of handmade carpet production. The officials only talked about the identification of carpet, while my carpets have had identity document since 20 years ago, and the identifications of our carpets can be modeled throughout the country," he noted.

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