First fashion and clothing trade fair in Isfahan

The first art exhibition of fashion and clothing industry will be hosted by Isfahan international exhibition center.

Isfahan (IMNA) – The handicrafts of Isfahan is as old as the magnificent history of the city; the unique handicraft produced in the province make up one third of the handicrafts of the world and two thirds of the country by having about 200 indigenous majors. 

Isfahan specific handicrafts including textile design, designing and making clothes, and textile industry have been considered as the representatives of the original art of Isfahani people for centuries; therefore, Isfahan is called the cradle of designing fabric in Iran. While crossing the old Bazaars of Isfahan, you can see lots of domestic and foreign tourists who are shopping and looking for handicrafts of this city,

Despite the holding of different handicrafts events in Isfahan, it is supposed that the permanent site of international exhibitions of Isfahan will host a specialized event in the field of fashion and clothing.

The first art exhibition of fashion and clothing industry will be held on 28 February and last to 2 March, 2019; the exhibition will highlight the importance of production and supply of Isfahani artists' handicrafts to the cultural officials more than before.