If you are looking for a quiet, faraway desert, Maranjab in the heart of kashan would be the best choice.

Isfahan (IMNA) -  There are many beautiful sandy hills and the sunset at the Salt Lake is out of this world. The salt flats, stars at nights, camels and let say everything is interesting in a stark way as is the old caravanserai where you can stay for a break in the middle of the desert. This  historical caravanserai is situated on the Silk route, in the north of Aran va Bidgol . It has been built during the Safavid era, by the order of Shah Abbas ,king of the Safavid dynasty, in 1603 AH.

In the past, the caravanserai used to be a security gate for merchants who wanted to travel from east to west and vice versa. Having been renovated, today Maranjab desert's caravanserai is  a guest house for travelers.

The building with the area of 3500 square meters was built in the shape of a square with stone and brick, and its fortified exterior walls have 6 watch towers. This building has 29 rooms and chambers surrounded the central yard. You should climb some stairs to enter the chambers. Also, there is a big hall behind the chambers that merchants kept their horses there.

Despite its being location in a desert, there is a sweet water Qanat in this caravanserai which attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy this place. They will experience a historical atmosphere in this caravanserai.  

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