Chaharbagh School, known as Madraseh Soltani, Madraseh Madar-e Shah, and Madraseh Imam Sadegh, was constructed during the reign of Soltan Hossein, in the Safavid era. It was registered in the list of national monuments in 1310 with the registration number of 116. This school has an area of 8500 square meters located in the eastern side of Chaharbagh Street.

Isfahan (IMNA) -  It has also a beautiful garden with great architecture and design. The gate of this building is designed with gold and silver ornamentation which considered as a masterpiece in fine arts. After going through this gate, there is a domed octagonal vestibule decorated with ceramic moqarnas on its roof. The main courtyard, the shady garden with tall plane trees, and a long pool in the middle attract the visitors. The courtyard is surrounded by arcades on two-storey chambers, each of them giving access to students' rooms.

The walls and dome of this monument are covered with bright yellow bricks that create a feeling of brightness. The iwans of the school are also decorated with inscriptions and reliefs including geometric patterns, animal scenes, and floral and hunting motifs. This place is now the theological school to train those students who are interested in Islamic studies; this is the reason that it is often closed to visitors.

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