Ab Malakh is a beautiful waterfall located in 160 kilometers west of Isfahan, and 60 kilometers distance of Semirom.

Isfahan (IMNA) - There is a dangerous but nice cliff behind the waterfall that has made Ab Malakh to be one of the most dangerous waterfalls of Iran. The waterfall originates from the Dena mountains; the reason for naming "Ab Malakh" is very amazing; there are certain compounds inside the water of this waterfall that kill the attacking locusts.

Therefore, since many years ago, people living in the surrounding areas have used the water of this waterfall to repel the attack of the locusts and get rid of field crop pests especially in their wheat fields. Today, this natural pesticide is used to irrigate the agricultural lands. 

There is even a common old legend among people; when you carry the water of this waterfall to other areas to repel the locusts, you should put the pot of water on a high place not on the ground, since if it is put on the ground, black birds will invade to that area and kill the locusts.

Ab Malakh waterfall is also known as Takht-e Soleyman.There is a rock in the middle of the waterfall connecting two sides. Some locals believe that this bridge like stone is like the resting place of Hazrat-e Soleyman, and the view that can be seen from top of the river is like the spectacular view of Hazrat-e Soleyman's throne.

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