Isfahan music museum is situated in a street with trees all around in the old neighborhood of Jolfa in Isfahan.

Isfahan (IMNA) - This small museum which is actually "a love letter to Iran's rich musical heritage", is much more than a series of instruments hanging on a wall. Mehrdad Jeihooni and Shahriar Shokrani, Isfahani musicians established this small museum in 2015; more than 300 musical instruments from all around the world are displayed here.

English and Persian descriptions have been provided for each of these musical instruments, and visitors can pick up and play some of the instruments. For each group of the tourists, visiting will end up with a short and intimate performance of traditional music and chanting Persian poems by Iranian musical masters.

Since its opening, the museum has received two awards, from which the last one is given by the International council of museums (ICOM) for its being as the best private museum in Iran.This museum is the first private music museum in Iran which has 2 halls; the national instrument hall, and the local instrument hall, which includes various kinds of Iranian instrument.

A part of museum is also dedicated to introduce the great Iranian musicians, called "Saray-e Sarahangan" in which visitors can enjoy the live music in the music hall of the museum.

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