Announcing the installation of the wooden mega-structures in various parts of the city, the director of Creative Home of Isfahan municipality said, "These mega-games have been designed for different age groups; from children and adolescents to adults."

Isfahan (IMNA) - "Designing, constructing, and implementing of these wooden mega-games were propounded in the think tank room of the Creative Home and they were constructed in the special workshops throughout the city," Hajar Ebrahimi said. "Wood is used in these structures because it revives the sense of nostalgia," she added.

"People in different age groups, especially children, can use these wooden structures easily, because of their damage resistance; if these structures damaged by children, they can be fixed and repaired again," Ebrahimi continued. Saying that these games are known as the mega-games, she said, "The word "Abar"(mega) means big, and mega-structures mean the structures that are larger than their standard sizes."

"These wooden mega-games have been used in the various areas of Isfahan like Najvan forest park, 13th district of Isfahan municipality, and Shahrak-e Amir Hamzeh by citizens; it is planned that every week, the location and usage of these wooden structures will be in one of the 15 municipal districts of Isfahan," she added. "These mega-games will be placed in Ghadir garden of Isfahan from Tuesday, August 28 to August 31," she said.

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