Patchwork; Iranian traditional art

Patchwork is an art with different names such as; Khatam weaving, Landare weaving and applique.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Few documents indicate that when patchwork is used along with Ajide sewing or Matlase sewing; it can be classified among the Iranian traditional needle work. This waving method has been common in Iran since the past time, while there isn’t a clear date for its emergence in Iranian culture. The remained artworks in the world's museums show the prevalence the patchwork weaving during the Seljuk era. This Iranian art has been used for different purposes; quilt cover, Korsi cover, wrapper for bedclothes, prayer rug, pillow cover, teapot cover, bed cover, sofa cover, curtains, needle bundle, and decorative artworks. Patchwork weaving art is common in the cities of Rasht, Isfahan, Yazd, Tabriz, Kashan, Kordestan, and west Azarbaijan. Let's get more familiar with this Art through IMNA camera.