Gol-e Sorkh (Red Rose) village in Varton, as one of the best spa resorts in Isfahan, is located 35 kilometers away from Isfahan; along the way between Isfahan and Naʹin.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Morad Spa Resort, as one of the most important attractions of Gol-e-Sorkh village, has been restored and renovated recently; so, tourists can especially benefit from the spa springs in this valuable monument. This ancient monument belongs to Safavid era and has been registered in the list of Iranian National Heritage in June 2008. This ancient monument used to be the bath of Shah Abbas. Due to the proximity of this village to Isfahan, Shah Abbas ordered to construct a three-mile road from spa resort to Isfahan to use it as his promenade.

"What flows from this  mineral-rich spring gradually changes to the rocks; rubbing this rocks on the skin is an effective way to cure many skin rashes and diseases," written by one of the great geographers and cosmographist of the 9th century, Ahmed-ebne-Rasteh Isfahani. This place is a well-known area for researchers and geoscientist; it is the land of fuller's earth and medicinal mud, which are useful for skin diseased and hair problems.

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