Jarchi bathhouse is one of the old bathhouses in Isfahan built in Safavid era and is considered as the biggest bathhouse of Isfahan. Jarchi bathhouse which is as old as Imam square of Isfahan has 2 baths for men and women.

Isfahan (IMNA) - This building is located in Great Bazaar (Bazar-e Bozorg) of Isfahan and near the Jarchi mosque, and based on the historical inscription of the mosque, it was built along with the building of the mosque in 1019 A.H by Malek Soltan, Jarchi Bashi of Shah Abbas I.

By the endeavor of Malek Soltan Jarchi Bashi, great buildings of Naghshe Jahan square, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Naghshe Jahan mosque, Chehel Sotoon palace, Ali Qapu palace, Qeisariye bazaar, Hasht Behesht palace, Hakim mosque, Jarchi mosque, Jarchi bathhouse, Jarchi Sarai, and Jarchi palace were built. Currently, 3 first mentioned buildings are active, Jarchi palace was destroyed, and now it is used as a museum and Sofre Khane.

 This old and beautiful bathhouse was built 450 years ago, its reconstruction and restoration are completed with the help of Seyed Ahmad Eftekhari and contribution of renovation and improvement organization of Isfahan municipality from 2003 to 2011. By changing its usage, now it is active as Sofre Khane and accommodates domestic and foreign guests. The area of this old bathhouse is about 2,000 meters that 950 meters of it is reconstructed.

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