Chaleshter ancient castle situated in a region of the same name in Shahr-e kord. The castle was built by Khodarahm Khan during Qajar dynasty (1323 AH) in the territory of Chaharmahali rulers.

Isfahan (IMNA) - The Castle building features combination of Iranian traditional painting with western styles which illustrate the legendary and mythical themes, everyday life, flowers and plants, gul-o-bulbul and angelic designs in the andaruni, biruni, vestibule, portal, baths, stalls and warehouses of the castle.

Chaleshter ancient castle has two courtyards which are decorated with pillars, porches and stone pools. The building was recognized as a national heritage in 1998. Now, the castle includes museums of work and life, stone and anthropology. Also some parts of the castle have also been assigned to the production and sale of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari handicrafts such as felt and rug.

p.s: In traditional persian residential architercture , the andaruni, is in contrast to the biruni, and is a part of the House in which the private quarters are established. This is specifically where the women of the house are free to move about without being seen by an outsider (na mahram).

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