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International Day of Friendship

The International Day of Friendship is a day to promote the role that friendship plays across all cultures. To mark this special day, the UN encourages community groups, organizations, and governments to hold initiatives, activities, and events that promote reconciliation, mutual understanding, and solidarity.

Iran (IMNA) - We live in a complicated world today. Between cultural discord, discrimination, lack of trust, mistreatment, and miscommunications, it seems that prioritizing peace is something that has less of a presence in society around the world today. Because of this, the United Nations has decided to remind everyone about all of the great and the good in the world. They did this by bringing the International Day of Friendship to our attention in 2011. This special day goes beyond connecting people, building bridges amongst ideologies, countries, and cultures.

Connecting and friendship are synonymous with bonding. Building those common bonds goes beyond sharing a favorite past time, characteristic, or trait with another person or group. It also includes understanding inclusion and diversity, as well as promoting a worldwide commitment. Music, tastes, political views, differences of opinions, and physical appearances are not reasons for people to be separated. The International Day of Friendship is all about promoting togetherness and kindness, bringing people together.

Why Friendship Matters

There may be times when you think that you don’t need friendship! Maybe someone has let you down or you want some alone time. However, friendship matters! It benefits our lives in so many different ways. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why friendship is important…

  • Achieve your goals – A strong social circle can help you to achieve your goals, whether you are trying to nab a promotion at work or you want to shed a few pounds. If you have supportive friends with similar goals, it can help you to get to where you want to be.
  • Enhances emotional resilience – Sharing good times with people you love and having a network of friends to help you through those bad times makes it easier for you to navigate the ups and downs that life inevitably throws at us.
  • Boost your brainpower – The University of Michigan has found that hanging out with other people – even just for ten minutes – will improve your ability to solve problems and your brainpower.

  • Get a better night’s sleep – Did you know that friendship even helps improve your ZZZs? That’s right; we have the University of Chicago to thank for this study. They found that people are more restless in bed if they don’t socialize.
  • Friendship makes you healthier – Last but not least, friendship is good for your health! A story carried out at the University of North Carolina actually found that people without strong connections have higher abdominal obesity rates and blood pressure.

International Day of Friendship

How To Celebrate International Day Of Friendship

There are a number of different ways that you can celebrate the International Day of Friendship. We recommend reaching out to your friends and doing something that is going to put a smile on their face. This could be anything from enjoying a coffee together to simply sending a text message to someone that you have not spoken to in a while. Spend the day doing nice things for people, putting a smile on their faces.

Another way to celebrate the International Day of Friendship is to make new friends! There are so many different ways that you can make new connections today. Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever before to connect with like-minded people. You can join forums or websites where you can chat with people. Of course, we need to stress the importance of being cautious and protecting yourself when you speak to people online. Or, why not go to a local community event and make an effort to speak to people?

We would definitely recommend looking into attending a community cultural celebration if possible. If there is a community center that you have been meaning to check in your local area but have not had the chance to do so, now is a perfect time! Check the schedule to find out about any events that are being hosted here. You can meet some new people and learn about different lifestyles and cultures that you may not have heard much about before.

Or, why not invite your friends around and cook a nice meal for them? There is nothing better than enjoying good food and a drink with friends, right? Going out of your way to cook a nice meal for the people close to you is something that your friends are assured to appreciate. If your friends don’t live nearby, why not send them a greeting card, thanking them for their friendship and letting them know that you are thinking about them?

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