Google Pulls Iran's AC19 App From Play Store

The Iranian government released an Android app named AC19 last week to test and keep track of COVID-19 (coronavirus) infections; however, Google has booted the app from the official Play Store.

Iran (IMNA) - The app was released and made available through a dedicated website, the official Play Store, while the country is in the midst of a national health crisis caused by the novel COVID-19 coronavirus.

Before being removed from the Play Store, there was some wrong claims that by installing the app, it is possible to collect phone numbers of citizens then reach their real-time geo-location data as espionage goals!

Lukas Stefanko, an Android malware researcher at ESET, told the business technology news website ZDNet that:

"Based on the analysis of the app's APK, the app is not a malicious Trojan or spyware," Stefanko told ZDNet earlier today.”

Sources familiar with Play Store policies told ZDNet the app was most likely pulled the app because of its misleading claims -- namely that it could detect COVID-19 infections, something that is impossible through an apps!

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