9 October 2019 - 12:19
Jabaliyeh dome in Kerman

One of the historical tourist attractions in Kerman is Jabaliyeh dome which is situated in the east side of the city; it is the only stone dome in Kerman that was registered in the list of Iran's National Monument in 1937.

Iran (IMNA) – Jabaliyeh dome is also known as Jahan Sang, Gonbad Gabri, Gonbad Ganji and Ma'abad Sangi. The dome dates back to Seljuq era, but its architectural style shows that it was a Zoroastrian temple built during the Sassanid dynasty. It has been renovated during the Islamic era. There is no clear document about the time of its construction.

This octagonal structure was constructed by stone. The interior of the structure is covered and decorated with plaster, but the plasterwork on the interior has broken off over time.

Instead of water, camel milk was used to build the structure in order to increase its strength. There are eight doors in the eight sides of the structure with the width of two meters. Nowadays, one of the doors is open to visitors, and other seven doors are closed with stone in order to make it stronger.

The building has recently changed into a museum: more than 120 pieces of carved stones belonging to different eras inside the structure attract everybody's attention.

There is also a valuable inscription in this building. This monument is surrounded by attractive hills which provide a unique landscape in the region. The architecture of Jabaliye dome will wonder you; so, don’t miss it.

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