2 October 2019 - 16:02
Tomb of Baba Taher in Hamedan

Baba Taher's tomb is located in Hamedan, Baba Taher Square; it was registered in the list of Iran's National Heritage on May 11, 1997, with the registration number of 1870.

Iran (IMNA) – Babab Taher Oryan (The Naked) who had been living during the reign of Seljuq, was one of the great poets and mystics of his time. He eternalized his name by making do-bayti (two-couplet) in the history.

The tomb of Baba Taher is located on top of a hill in the northwest of Hamedan. The structure of the tomb has been destroyed and rebuilt many times during the past time. The latest design and construction was carried out in 1344 S.H. with the assistance of the Society for National Heritage of Iran and Hamedan municipality, by Mohsen Foroughi.

The mausoleum is based on an octagonal structure, its dimension is 10*10 meters, and prism forms are surrounded it. There are eight columns around the main structure. Baba Taher's tomb has a beautiful turquoise dome-shaped prism. Granite stone is used for the columns, stairs, grave stone, and the surface of the mausoleum.

When you enter the structure, you can read some of Baba Taher's poems which were inscribed on the walls; they are written with beautiful Persian calligraphy. So you can enjoy reading them while visiting. The ceiling of the tomb which is beautifully tiled and its architecture attracts everybody's eyes.

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