13 June 2019 - 12:16
Genoo thermal spring

According to previous studies, hydrotherapy is a helpful method to relieve muscle pain, strengthen muscles, and accelerate blood circulation. People can treat different conditions, including arthritis and related rheumatic complaints by swimming in natural thermal pools.

(IMNA) – Thermal springs are natural hot endowments that bubble up from the ground. Their temperature is usually tend to be higher than air temperatures. There are countless opportunities to bathe in one of the many hot springs in Iran; one of them is Genoo thermal spring which is located 34 kilometers northeast of Bandar Abbas, in the south of Iran.

Many people travel to this place for purposes of health and treatment.  A visit to Bandar Abbas isn’t complete without a dip in this thermal pool. Since many visitors are perfectly aware of this beautiful hot spring, the pool is no longer quite the secret places it used to be.

The spring has a water temperature of 45 degrees centigrade and it flows for a few kilometers, then it turns into a waterfall. There are useful mineral compounds like hydrogen sulfide and chlorine in the Genoo hot spring that are made due to the high temperate of the water. Only a few animals and plants can live in this area; a special and rare kind of fish live in this spring.

This spring has two separated pools for women and men. Different facilities for visitors such as a hotel, restaurant, and playgrounds for kids have been provided in this site. The diversity of vegetation in this area adds to its beauty; tropical trees and foothills steppe are among the natural attractions in the area. Herbs like adiantum, cumin, thyme, peppermint, and etc. can also be found in this region.

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