9 June 2019 - 16:12
Isfahan goes plastic free

Plastic bags are a big threat to our planet earth, because they are made of petrochemicals which are nonrenewable material; it takes 1000 hours for a single plastic bag to break down into smaller and smaller pieces called micro plastics and decay completely, then consequently our Mother Nature can be damaged in a short time.

Iran (IMNA) - Another important point regarding the plastic challenges is that natural resources such as oil are used in the creation of plastic bags. So, more than a hundred million oil barrels are consumed each year to make plastic objects across the world.

In this respect, Kourosh khosravi,the head of the research center of Isfahan city council, announced the future plans of the organization to eliminate all plastic bags from the city in near future and described the act as a forward thinking process in tackling the plastic waste challenge.

He also appreciated the measures of Isfahan municipality in replacing the old fashioned shopping plastics with more eco-friendly products made of organic materials like cotton, hemp or canvas. As the fight against plastic consumption intensifies across the country, he emphasized the social movement envisioning a future free from plastic pollution in the city. 

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