Child friendly city needs collaborative structure

"A child-friendly city is seeking to involve children in urban planning and design," an urban planning expert said.

Iran (IMNA) – "If the role of a particular stratum of society like children and elders is not perceived well in urban-centric planning, some measures should be taken to involve all people of different age groups in city management processes," Amir Hossein Shabani noted.

Saying that a child-friendly city meets all needs of this class of society, he added, "A child-friendly city should have a collaborative structure, and all walks of life like children should receive attention when designing cities."

Pointing to the necessity of children's participation in planning and urban management, he continued, "Children's remarks in specialized urban issues and problems which surpass their understanding, don’t indicate their cooperation and involvement in the formal decision making processes of the city; they should learn the participation concepts before any involvement." 

"Training children will lead to their attendance in the society as mature citizens in adolescence; the concept of child-friendly city will be realized if participation mechanisms are provided simultaneously with the training," he noted. 

"The biggest problem to reach a child-friendly city is teaching citizenship concepts to children and considering appropriate spaces for them. In this regard, provision of safe, happy, and high-quality infrastructures in the city and institutionalizing the collaborative participation in training processes will help us to come closer to a child-friendly city realization," he also said.

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