social security; prerequisite for being child friendly city

"A child-friendly city should meet certain criteria to be a good place for children's growth," a civil development expert said

Iran (IMNA) – "Before choosing any suitable program and the required physical space appropriate to children, their age should be considered first, since the needs of children varies at different ages; for example, a seven-year old child needs physical spaces to play outdoor energy busting games , but a ten-year old child prefer to read books," Farzad Momeni noted. "Identifying the needs of children helps urban planners to design physical spaces more accurately, and provide appropriate programs for them," he added.

"Providing social security is one of the characteristics of a child-friendly city, although observing the concept should not lead to childhood constraint; allocating appropriate spaces for children such as park or bike routes is very important as children should feel safe in these spaces" he continued.

"A child ought to be able to enter the bike routes or other specialized spaces alone, and play bursting games or other activities related to their ages peacefully in safe environments," Momeni added.

"The children's contribution in family decision making and even urban management is one of the important elements of a child-friendly city; If Isfahan's officials take the foregoing elements into account, Isfahan will be a child-friendly city in the fullest sense," he emphasized.

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