Children should participate in urban planning

" According to the carried out surveys, we have reached to this conclusion that children are more eager to get in touch with natural materials such as sand and water in comparison to synthetic materials like plastic," an urban planning expert said.

Iran (IMNA) – "Children should be involved in urban planning issues related to the child-friendly cities," Mina Harandi noted. Pointing to the role of children's participation in the urban planning of a child-friendly city, she added, "The more children's participation in urban planning issues, the more children represent their ideas; so, it is necessary to take advantage of children's language that is painting. For example, some walls in the city should be allocated for painting by children."

Emphasizing on the necessity of creating intergeneration spaces in a city, she continued, "Intergeneration spaces will change a city into an inclusive one; this approach will not only avoid any kind of separation for a special walk of life, but also the city will meet all the people's needs." 

Considering Isfahan as a leading city in training children, she also said, "Isfahan is moving toward training, since undoubtedly the correct education will have an effective role in realizing the goals of a child-friendly city; it is only necessary to monitor the feedback of training."

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