Child-friendly city should not forget children with disabilities

"Paying attention to children with disabilities will change a city into a child-friendly one. One of the most important needs of this stratum of society is the right of having appropriated urban spaces, an attractive and a vital city," an urban planning expert said.

Iran (IMNA) – "We can provide a safe and pleasant city for children by making advantage of some indicators; fortunately, Isfahan as a child-friendly city, is close to the ideal indicators," Najma Izadfar said.

"The indicators that are necessary for a child-friendly city include; social indicators that should be met in such a way that children don't feel any fear in the environment and also the participation of families in children's spaces of the city be obvious as well.

Environmental indicators must be also realized so that the environment will be free of pollutants, and the quality of life moves towards the healthy direction. The third one is appearance indicator; it means that playing areas in the urban spaces should have simple structures, and pavements must be appropriated specifically for children.

Finally the quality indicator of children's play area include providing enough light, suitable coloring, and the possibility of doing group games by providing necessary tools," she continued.

"When we investigated the available indicators in Isfahan, we arrived to the conclusion that Isfahan is close to these indicators, and there are suitable spaces in the main parks of the city, swimming pools, and game houses, but the regional and neighborhood scale of these facilities is not appropriate," she noted.

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