21 January 2019 - 15:02
Isfahan main handicraft hub in Iran

"Our main purpose is to get people familiar with handicrafts, and let them to be more creative," the director of handicraft school said.

Iran (IMNA) – "Isfahan owns two important handicraft titles; membership in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of handicrafts and folk arts, and global city of handicrafts, these two titles are enough to launch a special school for Isfahan's handicrafts," Ali Atrian said.

By having more than 40,000 artists in various fields of handicraft, and more than 190 handicraft majors throughout the province, Isfahan is considered as one of the main handicraft hubs in Iran and even in the world.

"This city has been a member of UNESCO Creative Cities Network since 2015 due to having various handicrafts and folk arts. In order to familiarize women with different phases of designing, making, and selling handicrafts, we will hold the winter handicrafts school in six sessions with the cooperation of the Central Library of Isfahan municipality," he added.

People can enroll in this course in one of the majors of hand engraving (Ghalam Zani), enameled work (Minakari), tile works or hand stitching leather. After the training course and finishing the final stage of the artworks, an exhibition of these works will be held," Ali Atrian noted.

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