21 January 2019 - 11:14
Children's urban needs should be met

"A majority of the world population lives in cities and urbanized centers; one-third of 4 billion urban inhabitants in the various parts of the world are children," the UNICEF representative in Iran said.

Iran (IMNA) – "Recent estimates indicate that 70% of the world's children will be living in various cities till 2050 of which many will be residing in the most deprived areas with lack of rights to live; that will lead to weaken the national developments of cities," Will Parks said.

"Many urban officials in Iran and also all over the world are dealing with common problems such as traffic congestion, environmental destruction, different types of social harms, excessive exploitation from urban infrastructures, and challenges in providing urban services such as supplying electricity, water, sanitary arrangements, and waste management, that the population growth in these cities has escalated these problems," he noted.

"The creative initiatives of the child-friendly cities will bring together the stakeholders to create safe and responsible cities for children, and be able to deal with concepts such as sustainable, smart, resilient, green, and healthy cities. Of course, all of them will be realized under the determined axis in the new urbanization agenda," he added.

"The most important feature of a child-friendly city is meeting the children's urban needs, putting children and teenagers as top priorities to present solution, and assure the children's opinions that will have significant role in urban decisions," he also said.

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